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Different Kinds of Enlightenment

In runaway realization, enlightenment is not a fixed condition but an open, dynamic reality, because true nature reveals itself as infinite possibilities and cannot be constrained and defined by one ultimate or another. This does not mean that we are not enlightened if we realize true nature in only one way. If we realize Brahman or the Dharmakaya or the Divine Essence, that is enlightenment. What I am saying is that there are different kinds of enlightenment. We see that enlightenment can be dynamic and can reveal what we are in different ways. These different ways can be seen hierarchically or nonhierarchically. When we look at reality from the nonhierarchical point of view, what we see and what we are as enlightenment, as the ultimate, changes meaning. From the perspective of nonhierarchy, the word “ultimate” doesn’t make much sense, because this view does not participate in the dichotomies of high and low, more and less, absolute and relative, deeper than and not so deep, or subtle and superficial. These are elements of the hierarchical point of view, which is a useful and important part of our work in the first and second turnings of the teaching.

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