Excerpt About Essential Activation

When Spirit is Loose Nothing Can Constrain or Stop It

Many traditions have been trying to find out what the necessary factors are (Ed: spiritual activation factors), but I don’t think anybody knows all of them. Different teachers know various ways to invite this possibility, to dispose us for its happening. What we know for sure is that this kind of essential activation is possible and sometimes can happen, and that there is a continuum of how dynamic and intense the activation is. But it is a rare occurrence. You can have experiences of awakening and even enlightenment—you might not even think of them as experiences but as reality itself—but the kind of spiritual activation I am talking about is a whole other matter. When spirit is loose, nothing can constrain or stop it. This is very different from having an experience of a certain condition that persists or is always there. When spirit is loose, reality is continuing to reveal more, continuing to transform, continuing to surprise itself because, basically, at some point, you are not there.

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