Excerpt About Essential Activation

We Need to Truly Recognize the Miraculous Otherness of True Nature

This direct encounter with the purity of true nature is one important factor that seems always to be present in spiritual activation. There are also other elements that we will explore as we go on. And some elements of spiritual activation remain mysterious. Why does it happen in one experience and not another? Why does it happen to one person and not another? Different traditions talk about experiences of spirit or God or true nature as necessary for awakening, but we need to encounter these directly and fully. We need to truly recognize the miraculous otherness of true nature, even if later we realize that it is not actually separate from anything else. Before we can see how it is the same, we need to recognize its radical difference, its otherworldly purity. The spiritual aspirants who are working on themselves, the monks and nuns and sadhus—what are they all after? They know that there is something that is unique, that is precious, that is other than their everyday experience. You can have an intuition of this, and you can know it directly. And if you encounter it truly, if you recognize its purity and its otherness, you cannot forget it. It leaves an indelible and living impression, an impact that is necessary for the essential activation of the life of being.

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