Excerpt About Essential Activation

Living Our Realization Changes Our Realization

We might become aware of essential activation as we begin to work on living our realization. When we move in that direction, we see that living our realization changes our realization. In the beginning, we think we have realization and need to work out how to express it in our lives. But as we go on, we realize that realization itself changes in order to express itself. Realization expressing itself, living itself, brings a dynamism that moves realization from one degree to another, from one kind to another. This is one of the features of essential activation: The enlightenment drive is in a different gear, where it is revealing reality spontaneously and naturally. The enlightenment drive no longer appears—as it does in the beginning of the spiritual path—as our seeking and searching, as our wanting and longing. Instead, essential activation means that the unfoldment is happening and that realization is occurring in a way that is free and unstoppable. Seeking has ceased, has come to an end, and further revelations are simply the expression of realization.

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