Excerpt About Essential Activation

The Ripening of the Enlightenment Drive that Animates the Life of Spirit

Here we are focusing on essential activation, the ripening of the enlightenment drive that animates the life of spirit. Although I don’t know all the factors that are involved in essential activation, there are some things that are clearly necessary and helpful. We’ve discussed necessary awakening, one factor that is needed for activation. This is the full encounter of the third kind with true nature, where we recognize through direct, immediate encounter that there is such a thing as spirit. We know spirit not only through faith, belief, hearsay, intuition, or flashes of experience but by full, continuous encounter. We come to know true nature directly—that it is, that it is not constructed, that it is not part of our mind or heart or body or nervous system, and not part of some body’s concept or idea. We come to know true nature is its own thing. We come to know that this is what spirit means.

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