Excerpt About Essential Activation

Each Manifestation of True Nature is all of True Nature Creating Itself as that Manifestation

Recognizing these truths—that each manifestation of true nature is all of true nature, that each manifestation of true nature is all of true nature creating itself as that manifestation, that each manifestation of true nature can spark endless realization—is another factor involved in essential activation. What’s important for us to see is that red sulfur conveys a particular property of the philosophers’ stone when it is combusted and activated, when our being is so activated that it recognizes the truth of nonhierarchy, it recognizes that any experience of true nature can ignite the life of realization. When this kind of combustion occurs, it means that essential activation has happened. Inner activation means that realization is alive and that the philosophers’ stone can keep revealing new ways of experiencing and understanding true nature. One of these is the wisdom of nonhierarchy, which generates different kinds of realizations that are not possible without it. This shows us that another element needed for activation is the experience and recognition that each form of true nature—every spiritual experience—is a manifestation of one truth and that each of them is all of them and contains all of them. This means that if we are truly practicing inquiry, if we are really letting ourselves be where we are and we understand the implications of our experience, reality itself will naturally reveal whatever is possible for us to see.

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