Excerpt About Essential Activation

The Unstoppable Combustion of the Self-Creating Dynamism of True Nature

It is difficult to experience and comprehend the view of totality without essential activation, which makes it possible for awakening or enlightenment to be released from having to be in any particular condition. We cannot grasp the view of totality intellectually. We have to embody it; we have to live it. Our realization has to impact our consciousness in such a way that the view of totality naturally arises. Because the view of totality does not require any particular view and is open to all views, it heralds freedom in many senses of the word. So far, we have been focusing on essential activation and on the alchemical red sulfur, the unstoppable combustion of the self-creating dynamism of true nature. Essential activation is not simply a matter of the enlightenment drive being awakened or activated. It means, specifically, that the enlightenment drive is functioning in such a way that it is not only leading us to realization and enlightenment, but it is also leading us from one realization to another.

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