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Helping God Live

This is why spiritual teachers rarely get involved with social reform. They aren’t against it, but they recognize that it will not solve the world’s problems since those problems are based on cognitive distortions. This is why some Buddhists take the vow to forestall personal enlightenment until all sentient beings are enlightened—if all sentient beings are enlightened, it would mean true peace and harmony everywhere on earth. From the standpoint of the Kabbalist path and the Sufi path, working on oneself is not a matter of liberating oneself; rather, it is a matter of helping God live, helping God manifest in the world. Other traditions see working on oneself as helping reduce God’s suffering; since God is the world, its suffering is His suffering. The more we see that the true nature of the world is harmony and love, the less there will be general suffering and the more God will live consciously through everyone. When you see this, you see that the theistic and the Buddhist approaches are working toward the same thing: Whether you talk about the enlightenment of all sentient beings or God existing consciously through all sentient beings, you are talking about all the eyes of the universe seeing the same harmony.

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