Excerpt About Faith

When the Soul is in Complete Harmony with Reality the Experience is Beyond Faith

To talk about faith is to talk about an important development of the path, because it is the expression of a profound transformation in one’s soul. At the beginning of the Work, we can talk about the goal being the realization of the truth, understanding what reality really is. The path is the process by which the soul comes into harmony with that reality, and faith is a by-product of that harmonization. When the soul is in complete harmony with reality, the experience is beyond faith; it is then simply the direct experience of the strength of Essence, which we call Holy Strength. In Holy Faith, the heart is completely convinced and certain of Essence through direct contact with it. This particular opening of the heart is what we mean by faith representing a transformation in the soul. The soul transforms in response to many factors as it realizes its true nature, and part of this transformation is the development of what we call Holy Faith. The very substance of the soul becomes purified, developed, and matured, until its complete fruition, in which the soul is completely transparent to, and in harmony with, objective reality. Faith, then, becomes implicit. Unlike the faith that we can have in another person, in a situation, in a particular teaching, and so on, Holy Faith is enduring because it is based on the recognition of our self-existing and eternal nature.

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