Excerpt About Fakeness

One is Either Oneself as Essential Being or One is a Self of Ego

That’s the moment of the great betrayal, when we abandon ourselves. Like the person in the story, “The King’s Son,” we begin to live like the natives live. We put on the robes, and the robes are made of fakeness. That fakeness is the shell we feel. It is the fabric of the shell. what is real in us has been pushed away, and all our lives we feel the shell. If we penetrate the shell, we feel the emptiness. This predicament is very sad, but it is universal. It happens to everyone who identifies with the ego sense of self, with the usual personality. One is either oneself, as essential Being, or one is a self of ego, developed over time, which is an empty shell. When we confront this shell, we are touched in the deepest place. We are in deep anguish, because what would make life meaningful is not there. One may feel then, “I want to be totally here, nothing else will do it. Nothing has significance, even pleasure and essential experience, if I am not here.” But we do not want to confront this, because we don’t want to feel now the abandonment and alienation we felt as children.

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