Excerpt About Fear

Fearing the Loss of the Body
That is one of the biggest fears. When we explore the insight that the physical universe is not ultimate, we are afraid we’ll lose it, that there will be a loss of the physical component of our existence. If we go beyond the body, we will lose the body. This fear makes us feel that we have to hold on to it, we have to keep it solidly there, or it will fall apart. That is because we are holding the sense of the body together with our minds. We are not holding together the real world; we are holding together our idea of the world. So the mind can’t let go of it. It says, “If I let it go, it will fall apart.” If you just allow it to fall apart, you begin to see the real world. What will fall apart is the world you usually see. But we believe that is the real world that will fall apart, and this is why we’re afraid. We believe that’s it! We will be completely annihilated. You fear that you will lose physical reality, or you will lose your mind, you won’t be able to think straight.

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