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Realization Freeing Itself from Polar Opposites

From the perspective of total nonconceptuality, the challenge is not that emptiness does not exist; rather, it is that whether things are empty or not, whether they exist or not, is simply not relevant to this type of realization. Here the recognition and experience of the realization of true nature is that things neither exist nor don’t exist, and there is no concern either way, because we are not operating with the concept of existence. This way of experiencing true nature is Total Being manifesting its featurelessness—a featurelessness that is not characterized by the feature of existence. To say that existence is a feature is also to say that nonexistence is a feature. And yet both existence and nonexistence are valid ways of experiencing reality. They are polar opposites that annul each other. When we experience featurelessness, it is as if we were a creature from a parallel universe and never heard of the concepts of existence or nonexistence. We continue to live, reality keeps happening, and the question of whether things exist or not does not occur to us. These concepts are neither denied nor negated, but are simply recognized as irrelevant. We can observe a similar dynamic in the realization of selflessness, which is an important realization in most spiritual teachings. Most traditions agree that if you don’t get to a place of selflessness, you are still stuck with a self. That is also true on this path, but we see that, at some point, as realization reveals more of its freedom, it also frees itself from the position of selflessness. We can recognize that selflessness already implies some kind of memory of a self, whether as a knowing that it is possible to be a self or as an awareness that there was a self that is now gone. Either way, we are still referring to the concept of self. The mind is still thinking of its experience in terms of self or no self. But when reality manifests its featurelessness, the consciousness or the beingness is not thinking of itself in terms of self or no self. Not only are we not thinking in those terms, but those categories are extraneous to our experience.

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