Excerpt About Featurelessness

The Dichotomy between Subject and Object

Featureless consciousness challenges all dichotomies and reveals other ways of experiencing reality. One of the features of ordinary experience is the dichotomy between subject and object; this is usually referred to as dualistic experience. We have seen that in deeper levels of realization, especially realization from the perspective of the boundlessness of true nature, the sense of duality disappears. The self and the object are not separate, and the ground and its manifestation are not separate. Reality appears here as nondual experience—it is all one fabric. But from the perspective of total nonconceptuality, both dual and nondual are features of experience; they can be isolated and can be recognized and known. When our experience is featureless, we think, “Nonduality is wonderful, but what does that have to do with me? Dual, nondual—neither of them applies to me. My experience is neither dual nor nondual.”

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