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Presence is Not Only Thereness but Also a Flow

Primordial presence brings another kind of completeness. The fact that presence includes the various manifestations of the self in a non-dual way, indicates that presence is not a static reality. Seeing that it is always transforming its appearance, we become aware that presence is dynamic. It is not only thereness, but also a flow. Awareness of the transformation of the appearance of presence, or equivalently, the continuous flow of arising manifestations, allows us to experience presence as flowing. In other words, various manifestations and experiences are continuously arising, constituting a continuous flow of forms of perception. We can experience the coemergence of this flow with presence as the flow of presence. The flow of presence is like the flow of a river, which is always creating ripples, waves, bubbles, and so on. This is an advanced perception, in which we understand change, movement, and transformation in the self-realized dimension. The mental concept of time
becomes inoperative, as we see changes as the flow of presence, where the flow is not along the dimension of time. The flow is more the flow of experience, felt as the unfoldment of Being.

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