Excerpt About Flow

Feeling the Flow Itself as Real Time
When we are in the midst of the experience of flow, being the flow, the appearing presence, with its various forms, time changes meaning. We are not then connected with linear time, clock time. Time becomes the flow itself. We normally feel the passage of time by being aware of the flow of impressions. When we are the flow, the flowing appearance, then this flow is the context within which experience happens. Both time and space lose their structuring power, and the recognition of them is not separate from other events within the flowing appearance. The expanse of presence gives rise to the concept of space, and its flow gives us the concept of time. But experientially we feel the flow itself as real time, for we are actually in touch with the ground of our normal concept of time. In other words, real time is the life of the soul, the unfoldment of the soul. Each period of it is a period of growth and development, not just a temporal space in which events take place.

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