Excerpt About Forgetting

Forgetfulness about Practice

Continual practice includes that kind of attitude, that kind of devotion, that kind of interest, that kind of love, that kind of commitment that is continually remembered. I don’t simply mean mentally remembered, although it might sometimes be like that. I mean that as we are living our life, we recognize and don’t forget the deeper values that are reflected in our practice. When I say we put into practice what we have learned, I mean to whatever degree we are capable of doing that. So when we recognize the value of practice, then whatever way we are doing it—whether partially authentic, partially an attempt, partially trying and not knowing, or partially successful—reflects the many degrees of practice. And sometimes we might not be practicing at all if we forget or we go unconscious. We can become identified with our usual self to such an extent that we completely forget the value of truth, the value of realization, the value of freedom. Then we are no different from somebody who hasn’t yet engaged spiritual work at all, who hasn’t yet thought of other possibilities. This unconsciousness is how we fall out of continual practice.

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