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Forgetting About the Causes of Suffering Perpetuates Suffering

Our work exposes the extent to which we blame our parents for our suffering. When we delve deeply into the matter, we realize that the lack of understanding is more basic than what happened with our parents. What happened in childhood caused the suffering in some sense, but not knowing those causes, forgetting about them, not understanding them, is what perpetuates our suffering. Our work is based on the insight that understanding the causes of suffering is the best way to relieve it. Understanding, knowledge, and awareness are the tools, are the method, are
the path. All our methods are ways of actualizing self-knowledge. As our knowledge develops, as we understand the historical causes of our suffering and the patterns generated by them, different energies and qualities are liberated in us. Our potential is freed as those causes dissolve. Some of what is liberated is beingness, the presence of essence. Qualities that were closed off because of our lack of understanding become open again. And these energies, these qualities, support us in looking further, opening more, understanding our situation more deeply. We begin to experience things that we never imagined. It’s not only that we didn’t know about the actual negative events from childhood that caused our suffering; we realize that part of the situation is that we didn’t know fundamental aspects of our being. And this turns out to be a large part of our suffering: that fundamental aspects of our being were cut off,suppressed, and forgotten.

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