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Differentiation of Coemergent True Nature
The perfect coemergence includes all manifestation, not only the boundless dimensions of true nature and its essential aspects. Any manifest form is nothing but a form taken by true nature with its five dimensions. Each manifest form is a differentiation of the coemergent true nature, patterned by the creative display of its logos. There is only true nature that continually changes its appearance as the changing forms of the world. A tree, for example, is nothing but true nature manifesting itself as a tree. The tree is simply the local changing manifestation of a particular region in the five-dimensional manifold of true nature. To see it from the perspective of coemergent true nature is to see a dynamic upwelling that continually manifests the particular tree as a form that possesses a five-dimensional ground. The tree appears to us transparent; we can see through its appearance to a multidimensional vastness. We see luminosity, presence, color, but also the deep darkness of the absolute.

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