Excerpt About Fragmentation

The Sense of Fragmentation Might Arise on the Way to the Nonconceptual

Nonconceptual perception can sound like psychosis, but it is not the same kind of experience. It is a very different kind of experience: There is a sense of oneness, unity, integration, and harmony. Psychosis is a lack of integration. In psychosis, the physical world is disintegrated or fragmented. But that’s not true in the nonconceptual dimension. The sense of disjointedness, fragmentation, and things falling apart might arise on the way to the nonconceptual. The disintegration of the structures of the usual mind seems similar to psychosis. But that’s not what we mean when we say nonconceptual. The nonconceptual perception arises when you let go of those structures. They are gone completely, disintegrated to nothing. Then you can see things as they are instead of seeing them through the filter of your mind. A psychotic person sees the world through a fragmented mind. He is not looking at the world with “no mind.”

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