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Separate Will
Since Holy Freedom is surrender to whatever you are experiencing, then judging it or trying to change it indicates that there is no surrender to Holy Will. But if you judge your lack of surrender, this indicates a further lack of surrender to Holy Will. Surrender doesn’t require certain conditions. At any moment, there is the possibility of completely letting go of trying to control things and letting the universe be, instead of believing that you can and should rearrange it. Egoic pride is the belief that you have your own will and can have your own way, and can change things in the universe. It is the belief that, “I’m going to do it my way; I’m going to have things be the way I want them.” This pride manifests in the body as a constriction of the fontanel at the top of the head which blocks Living Daylight, and thus, blocks the whole perspective of Holy Will. The specific delusion that arises due to the loss of Holy Will is the conviction that there are such things as separate entities who have their own wills—it is the delusion that there is a separate you who can have things go the way you want them to. We saw that the delusion associated with Holy Transparency is that you have a separate self, and here the delusion is that this separate self has a will and a choice separate from the rest of the universe. We are not saying that you don’t have free will, but that you don’t have a free will separate from the whole. You want your way instead of seeing that the universe has its way, manifesting through you. We have seen that the best approach is to surrender to the universe, thereby actualizing yourself. Then you become who you really are, because you are whatever the universe happens to be unfolding within your consciousness at any moment. The following passage addresses what to do when you see that you are taking yourself to be a separate entity, and integrates the whole triangle we are working with: Know the state of pure and total presence to be a vast expanse without center or border. It is everywhere the same without acceptance or rejection. [This is the Holy Truth.] Blend the nature of mind and its habit patterns into non-duality. [This is Holy Omniscience.] Because entities, whether subjectively conceived or directly experienced, [when you believe you are a separate entity or are experiencing someone or something else as separate] Are present as ornaments of one’s own state of being. [This is Holy Transparency.] Do not accept or reject them. (Longchenpa, 1987, p. 42) [Brackets are author’s comments.] In other words, even when you believe you are a separate self and are experiencing discrete entities, recognize all is still the Holy Truth, so don’t accept or reject it. If you accept or reject any part of your experience, even what is delusional, you are identifying with the belief that you are a separate entity. This is a very subtle teaching in which the way one practices affects what one believes, and what one believes affects the way one practices.

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