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Moving Beyond Even the Boundlessness, Unity and Non-duality of True Nature

In this book, I am introducing some of the wisdoms related to the third and fourth turnings of the wheel of the teaching. The third turning of the wheel has to do with what I refer to as the freedom vehicle. This vehicle signals a move beyond even the boundlessness, unity, and nonduality of true nature. It presents reality from an entirely different vantage. Basically, it is like going to a parallel universe that is altogether different from ours, and then contemplating realization, enlightenment, and spirituality from the perspective of this new universe. We are investigating the same phenomena that we always have, but from a radically different angle. The fourth turning of the wheel reveals understandings that arise from the realization of the freedom vehicle. Reality opens up in many unexpected ways, showing that enlightenment and realization have many meanings. Not only are there different stages of realization, as we see in the first and second turns of the teaching, but there are also different kinds of realization. We discover many angles and perspectives from which to view and explore reality. The view of totality arises as one of the wisdoms of the fourth turning. Throughout this book, we will be exploring different understandings that arise from the teaching of the freedom vehicle. The kinds of openings and freedom that are revealed in the fourth turning are a result of discerning the implications of the freedom vehicle. The first turning begins with the individual consciousness and moves, in the second turning, into the formless nature of reality. Similarly, the third turning starts with the freedom vehicle instead of the soul and moves, in the fourth turning, into a parallel reality that is neither boundless nor not boundless.

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