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Freedom of the Divinely Sexual Erotic Situation

The power of the divinely sexual erotic situation is that it gives two people greater freedom to express themselves and to explore reality. With friends, you have a certain kind of freedom, relaxation, and ease because your sexuality is not involved—it’s a whole charged area that you don’t have to deal with. In explorations with a friend, you can tell them everything about you and they can tell you everything about them. This type of openness is not so easy in an erotic relationship that is sexual because the physical contact brings into play hidden areas of heightened sensitivity related to our character and history. The emotional terrain tends to be more complex. However, if you can have that friendly openness and freedom in an erotic relationship that becomes physical, sensuous, and sexual, then the emotional and the physical dimensions are brought together, and there is no limit to what you can explore and how you explore it. You can do anything and say anything. With your friend, you can’t do everything, but with a lover—if you both have the openness and mutual interest—there is no limitation to where and how you touch that person. This adds a new dimension of exploration and discovery to the inquiry. The erotic interaction becomes a playful, enjoyable adventure of discovery. You are having pleasure, but through that pleasure you are discovering who you are and you are discovering reality. So you are experiencing not only physical pleasure but also the pleasure of discovery. The ordinary sexually erotic is only pleasure. The divine erotic is pleasure combined with discovering God—while you are experiencing the bliss of interaction, you are finding the divine in you and in the other, and in reality as a whole.

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