Excerpt About Freedom

Human Freedom is the Same Thing as the Freedom of the Dynamism of Being

We don’t attain our freedom by becoming independent of Being. Freedom, our freedom, human freedom, is the same thing as the freedom of the dynamism of Being to manifest whatever its intelligence wants to manifest. Our liberation is the liberation of the dynamism of Being to display the possibilities and forms and dimensions of experience appropriate to the situation. We realize our freedom when we live as individuals who have a personal life that is true and authentic and that, at the same time, expresses the infinite vastness of Being manifesting its possibilities and its nature freely and without constraints. I think this is one reason why some teachings believe that we practice in order to help God. For instance, some Kabbalists believe that we do spiritual work to help God complete Creation; and there are other teachings that say spiritual work relieves God’s suffering. If we take that perspective, our engaging the work of realization relieves God’s suffering, because our suffering is the suffering of Living Being.

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