Excerpt About Freedom

Realization Realizing Further Realization

So this is the sense in which different realizations reveal different degrees of freedom, not as a matter of progression along the same scale of freedom but of revelation of different kinds of freedom. It is freedom itself that opens new degrees of freedom. These unfolding degrees of freedom allow Total Being to reveal further possibilities, what I call “realization realizing further realization.” Our realization, our enlightenment, lives by revealing other forms of realization, other forms of enlightenment. It does that by opening to other degrees of freedom and other kinds of experience. When our realization is mature, which means that our view has changed enough times, we have the flexibility to not hold a view without having to negate it. We see that all views are valid because Total Being is manifest in all of them. Even the view of ego is valid because it is Total Being that manifests the view of the ego—the entire world of interactions between a self and various objects. If you believe, “No, it is not Total Being that manifests the ego; it is my own ignorance that does that,” then you have already taken the view of the ego. That is to say, you think you are a separate person that has the prerogative and the power to create reality. This means that you don’t recognize that you yourself are a creation of Total Being.

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