Excerpt About Freedom

True Nature, the Philosophers’ Stone, the Elixir, the Indefinable Spirit, is Freedom

When we recognize the freedom of Total Being, it is because true nature—the philosophers’ stone, the elixir, the indefinable spirit—is freedom. This freedom is true nature itself, is the expression of true nature. So freedom is a state of being that is also an affect but, at the same time, freedom cannot be defined by any single state of true nature, even though all states of true nature express the freedom of true nature. In other words, freedom cannot be limited to any particular state or condition. It is free from having to be contrasted with any concept or experience, free from being seen either as within or outside any context. The freedom of true nature has neither comparison nor opposite. Freedom can even go beyond the concept of true nature, for this concept is a human way of knowing the purity at the heart of reality.

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