Excerpt About Friend

A Friend is Anyone or Anything that Supports the State of Self-Realization

This brings us to discussing friends as differentiated from enemies. In this case, a friend is a person who supports you in attaining your goals. An enemy is anyone who stands in your way or who takes your support away. In fact, generally speaking, that’s how you choose friendships. You choose friends that support your point of view. If a friend doesn’t support your view of life or reality or whatever is important, it is problematic. The relationship becomes difficult. You are disappointed and hurt and angry and frustrated. So a friend is someone who helps you and supports you in the attainment of your goals. An enemy will be seen as anyone who takes your support away from you, or puts barriers between you and your goal. Now the same thing happens on the essential level. On the essential level, a state of self-realization will not continue if there is no support for it. Any state of realization is insecure and vulnerable as long as there is no support for it. From this perspective you can again see what a friend is and what an enemy is. A friend is anyone or anything that supports the state of self-realization; an enemy is anyone who takes it away or who creates barriers to the support of that self-realization. A friend or an enemy can be a person, an institution, a body of knowledge, or anything.

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