Excerpt About Fulcrum

The Fulcrum Between Individual Practice and Spontaneous Realization

It seems that human beings are not satisfied and are chronically ill-disposed as long as they are not harmonized with how reality functions. By investigating the fulcrum between individual practice and spontaneous realization, we have been exploring this conjunction between self and reality as it happens on a spiritual path. This dynamic of what appear as polar opposites began with the notion of continual practice, the idea that realization—frequently referred to as awakening or enlightenment—is not the end of practice, the idea that practice is the ceaseless orientation toward reality. Realization brings up many understandings about practice—how it continues, how it is total, how it is motiveless. Realization illuminates what practice is, what spiritual engagement is, and what it means to be on a path. What does it mean to care about and be involved in a spiritual journey or to have a true spiritual life? As we all know, what this means changes as we change, and as we learn more about reality.

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