Excerpt About Generosity

The Openness of Generosity
Clearly, the most obvious thing is what all the traditions and teachings have said, which is to live selflessly: to give of oneself instead of accumulating for oneself. The more you give, the more generous you are, the more compassionate, the more loving, the more selfless you are, the less there is an identification with the person because the person is an experience of being an island. An island needs to be protected and enhanced, but if you don’t try to protect it or enhance it, then the generosity will tend to eliminate the boundaries. Generosity is a good word because generosity is an openness. There is no holding back in true generosity. I don’t mean simply open and giving physically, but in all ways. It means not protecting yourself. I don’t mean not protecting yourself in the sense of not closing your doors at night. Not protecting yourself means not trying to build psychological boundaries, not trying to thicken your boundaries, but working on dissolving those boundaries. Generosity really is the heart of the oneness or the unity. When there is the experience of oneness, the heart is experienced as absolute generosity. There is absolutely no holding back. Whatever is there—love, compassion, understanding, knowledge, help—just flows out. But there is a tendency to protect yourself because of a lack understanding . It is not because you are bad. In a relative way, you exist, but if you think of who you are ultimately, you are not a person; yet a person is one of your manifestations.

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