Excerpt About Genitals

Space Experienced as the Loss of Genitals

For example, suppose someone begins to experience space. At first, you experience a kind of absence. As you know, the arising of each essential aspect usually manifests first as its absence, as a hole. In the case of the arising of space, the hole first manifests as an emptiness in the pelvis, the sensation of a hole. How do people see it? Do they experience, “Oh, I feel emptiness there. I am seeing the dimension of emptiness.” No, most people react, “Uh oh. I lost my genitals. I have no genitals.” That’s how people react to it. Why? Because you approach the experience from the physical perspective. If you perceive an emptiness there, it means to you that there are no genitals. You don’t think, “I’m just perceiving a different dimension. There is physical reality, but other dimensions of reality also exist.” If you saw that, there would be no fear, no issue. You have not lost anything. You are just seeing another dimension of yourself. But because you assume that the physical universe is the most fundamental reality, when an emptiness arises, you tend to think, “Uh oh. I lost my penis.”

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