Excerpt About Goals

For the Ego, Goals Bring Meaning Only if they are Supported by the Environment and Relationships

From the perspective of the ego, realization or actualization is the goal you have. And you live your life according to goals, aims and ideals. These ideals might even be unconscious. You may plan to be a doctor, so you devote twenty years of your life to becoming a doctor because you expect your career to give meaning to your life. Or you plan to be a movie star so you spend twenty years pursuing that. People are willing to go through a lot to reach their goals. They go through misery, through poverty, through humiliation, through all kinds of things. Their goal is the most important thing there is, and they believe that if they can’t attain it there is no point to living. What we want to see here is that for the ego those goals or aims give the person a sense of meaning or significance only if their environment and their relationships support them, and let them feel that their goals are important. If you have a goal and everyone around you thinks that it’s not important, then that goal won’t give you meaning. People usually choose goals and aims that are idealized by society. You use all of society to support your sense of meaning.

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