Excerpt About God

Mutual Attraction of God and Individual Consciousness

There is a natural magnetism toward the unity, the unity between our true nature and our individual consciousness. Sometimes we feel this attraction as an interest, as a gravitational pull toward the unity, and sometimes as a love or need for it. We feel drawn to it, driven toward it, and at times we also feel it as a mutual attraction. It is not only that we are attracted to truth—the truth is attracted to us. Not only are we attracted to God, God is attracted to us. We are pulled toward God, and God is pulled toward us. The two are drawn together because they are one at the center. I know that some teachings think of God as totally separate from the human soul, but in true mystical union, at least in the way I know it, such separation evaporates, in one way or another. In the type of unity we are exploring, there is no possibility of such a separation.

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