Excerpt About God

For God there is Only God

So, to love the truth means that you want to annihilate the false. If you go into the matter deeply, you realize that everything you perceive will in time be revealed as false. Everything to which you can give a name does not really exist as you see it. This includes even what we think of as God. Simple religious people think that God is merciful and good and will give us blessings and rewards. Why would God do anything like that for you? You don’t truly exist anyway, so why would God give you blessings? God is not deluded like you are. You are the one who thinks that you are an individual person who needs this or that. God doesn’t think that way. For God there is only God. If you think that you need blessing, God will say, “Who do you think you are? Do you think you are separate from me?” So, to think of blessings or of God’s grace is fine, but it betrays a limited understanding of reality. Although it begins to understand the divine realm, if you really see what God is, the only thing you want to do is forget that you exist. Letting God be there is loving God. Loving God doesn’t mean wanting to be with God. To love God means that you want only God to be. Anything else is not love of God, but love of yourself, love of your belief in a separate entityhood. Ultimately, what you think of as loving God actually is loving a part of your mind.

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