Excerpt About God

When God is a Notion in Your Mind

Just by calling yourself Michael, or Laurie, or Jean, or whatever, you are deadening yourself. You made yourself into an object, something unchanging, and ended up cut off from the dynamism that is your being. The concepts arise to describe actual differentiations and contrasts in our perception. But the concepts become so concrete that they seem real. And because they determine how we experience ourselves and the world, our experience tends to continually reinforce the ideas we already have. So the concepts that constitute our knowledge become our reality. Even your idea of what God is, is a notion in your mind, which you learned from your parents. So you never really see what God is, because you already know. The issue here is the belief that you know. You believe that you know who you are, you believe that you know the world, you believe that you know what existence is. What you actually know is your own mind. You don’t know existence. You have lost the mystery that you live in. We all lose the mystery that we are, the mystery that surrounds us, the mystery that brings us wonder, freshness, and freedom. We have made our world into a fossil. We have turned Being, mystery, God, into dead fossils. And we are looking for a new fossil that will make us feel alive and happy. We call these new fossils spiritual or psychological insights. Why not question all the fossils
instead of running around looking for new ones?

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