Excerpt About God

Everyone has Anger Toward God or the Universe

Our relationship with God is deep and unconscious. It is not what our conscious minds tell us it is or ought to be; it is how we feel about God in our guts. Unless you have worked it through, everyone has anger toward God or the universe, however you conceive of it. Everyone has suffered, felt abandoned and hurt, and has wondered in anger at God—where was the help, where was the support, where was the holding, where was the love, where was the blessing? Such feelings are hidden in many people behind their sense of themselves as God-fearing or God-believing. For such people, allegiance to God often covers more hatred of God than that of nonbelievers, since there is more reason to be angry at Him: “I believe in you—I know you’re there, so where are you? Paying attention to other people?” These feelings need to be brought to consciousness and worked through before we can consistently experience this loving presence as a force in our lives. Doing this means putting aside what the church told you your relationship with God is or should be, what you were told in the mosque or at temple, in order to really find out what your soul in its depths believes and feels about this intelligence we call God.

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