Excerpt About God

Your God Representation

Your God representation is an amalgam formed from your early experience with your mother, your experience with your father, what the culture around you said about God, what you were taught if you went to church or temple, what you heard about God in school, on television, and in other places, and pictures you saw related to God or religion. Your relationship with God is particularly affected by your relationship with your parents, since in the beginning they were gods to you in the sense that they took total care of your life. From your perspective as a very young child, your parents appeared omnipotent and omniscient. Also, because in the early months of infancy your sense of self was fused with mother and you were still abiding for the most part in Being, your sense of mother contains many aspects of the experience of Being. All of these experiences with mother and father and whatever religious ideas you came in contact with form your unconscious image of God. In theistic cultures, the image of God is usually anthropomorphic, taking on human or super-human characteristics; but even if your parents were atheists or Buddhists, you probably formed an image of God. We are not talking about your direct experiences of God here, but rather what your mind thinks of as God. Many people, especially those who come into the Work, have experiences as children that they later understand were direct experiences of God. These experiences, for the most part, do not affect our beliefs about the intelligence we call God, nor does what our rational, conscious mind tells us about Him. It is the concept about Him that we hold in our unconscious and deeply believe in emotionally, that we project onto the objective, universal force that exists.

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