Excerpt About God

We are not different individuals who are going to be separately realized. We are one organism. Sometimes we call it the cosmic amoeba, one infinite cosmic amoeba, with pseudopodia. So when someone is born, a pseudopodium arises, does its thing, and retracts again. We call that death. Pseudopodia come out when something needs to be done and retract when they are not needed. The organism continues being the organism. We could call it God. It is who we are ultimately. We are not a little pseudopodium; we are the totality of the amoeba. So we could say that one of the deepest realizations is to realize that you are a cosmic amoeba. When you become a true individual, you are the cosmic pseudopodium. When you become your true self, a true essential personality, you become the pseudopodia of the cosmic amoeba. Going beyond that to non-ego, you become the totality of the amoeba. And when you become the cosmic amoeba, which is the state called Godhood, God realization, cosmic individuality, or oneness, you realize that you don't only move your body, you move everything. Nothing moves in the whole universe without you moving it. This cosmic amoeba is the universe, is one organism.

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