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The World is the Appearance of the Body of God
God is not something different from Being, or true nature. It is one significant potential of the wholeness of Being, a particular way that this wholeness can manifest itself in our perception and understanding. Being can be impersonal, simply the true nature and ground of all; it can also be personal, as the creative Reality that is constantly generating manifestation and relating to it in a personal way. Furthermore, God is not separate from creation. The world is the creation of the personal God, but it is also the face of God. The world, in all its dimensions and forms, is simply the appearance of the body of God, and also God's mind and heart. The world is a theophany. The two facets, world/cosmos and God/Being are intimately related. The world/cosmos is the experience of God/Being and God/Being is the nature and source of the world/cosmos. They are two facets of the same Reality. We can think of God/Being as true nature apart from the forms it manifests, which is one way some traditional teachings conceptualize the situation; but then the world/cosmos is the inseparable creation of God/Being, its external facet. In either case, there is no separation. In fact there is perfect coemergent nonduality.

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