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Hidden Truth in All the Strivings of Mankind

To be oneself clearly includes having your own feelings and expressing yourself, but even these are just processes and activities. They may be what is visible, but the central experience, what is germane, is not the expression but the actual experience of Being. To be oneself means to be.
It’s true that we need to be free from the personality, just as most traditions say, but it is true because the ego personality is a fraud. The issue is not that personality is bad, but that it is not real, not true. The personality that you usually believe in is not the real you; it’s just an imitation. It’s an attempt to be you, but the attempt fails. When did you believe you could be a person? Where did you get that idea? If you are a false person, there must be a real person possible, just as there is imitation gold because there is such a thing as real gold. You can’t have a false something if the original which it imitates doesn’t exist. Why are people always interested in being original, being themselves, doing their own thing, having their own life, wanting to be autonomous? Can it be that all this drive is simply an illusion, or does it point to something real? If to have a personal life is bad, if pleasure is to be abandoned, if wanting your own home or car means you’re selfish, if sharing love with someone is unenlightened, then human life is ridiculous. There must be some hidden truth in all the strivings of mankind.

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