Excerpt About Good / Bad

There is no Happiness in Trying to Attain Happiness

Whenever you find yourself identified with a part of you opposing and fighting another part, you are being the ego personality. As you can see, it is quite hopeless to try to achieve freedom through rejection of any part of your experience. It is hopeless to try to get rid of something in order to gain freedom. There is no happiness in trying to attain happiness, because that very attitude of hope and rejection is itself the cause of the misery. You don’t need to accept or reject these ideas. Observe for yourself. Study and investigate it. Be aware of the movement, the attitude, the division. See how deep it goes in you. The more you experience essence, the clearer the division will be between what you feel is good and bad. The attitude of rejection can only make the conflict bigger. I am not saying that this is a bad attitude. I’m saying that this attitude is the attitude of discord, of conflict, of suffering, of the personality.

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