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The Personal Mind is Based on the Existence of Concepts in General

The personal mind is based on the Nous, and on the existence of concepts in general, whether they are the universal concepts or noetic forms which actually exist, or concepts that are the constructed in our minds. One example of the relation of personal concepts to universal concepts is the question of beauty and harmony. Personal mental constructs include both subjective historical factors and emotional reactions about what is good and bad, beautiful and ugly. Judgments and reactions about what is beautiful and ugly do not exist in the Nous. It is true that our appreciation of aesthetics involves a response to what moves us closer to the Nous, and in the Nous there is a sense of harmony and beauty. However, this sense of beauty is a response of the soul to the truth. If you are beyond the personal mind with its preferences, and if you are oriented by the Universal Mind, there is the sense of beauty and harmony. Everything is bright and beautiful. Nothing is ugly. You have to be in the personal mind to differentiate the beautiful from the ugly, and usually what is seen as beautiful is what takes us closer to the Universal Mind.

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