Excerpt About Growing Up

Realizing that there is More to Life than Just Growing Up, Living and Eating

At some point, when you are older, you realize that something is not quite right. You are having some problems with your life, perhaps with work or with a relationship. So you might begin to become psychologically sophisticated, and try to understand your mind and your personality. You do therapy, study psychology or philosophy, and understand your problems. Why do you have problems? You might want to know what it is about your perceptions of things that makes you unhappy. You might realize that there is more to life that just growing up, living, and eating. You realize that you might not really understand what’s going on here. Most people don’t begin to wonder about these things until later in life. When you are ten years old, you do not ask such questions. It doesn’t occur to you that your misconceptions can cause you trouble. To begin to question your notions about the world takes a lot of living, until you are sixteen or seventeen if you are lucky, or maybe until you are thirty. You begin to realize that part of your difficulty is that there are certain things you don’t understand, or certain things you have assumed that are actually not true. You begin to realize that your mind has some influence on how you experience the world. At some point you might become spiritually sophisticated, and wonder about experiencing deeper things in your life, in yourself, in the world. So you become interested in the spirit, in spirituality, in the subject of God, or Essence, or Being. You begin to consider that maybe you have a soul, maybe you have spirit, maybe you have Essence. You feel something new in your inner experience. People talk to you about the God or Goddess within, and other people talk about the God that’s outside, up there, or the Goddess down there. So you develop the notion that there are things in the world that are not seen by the eyes, not perceived by the senses.

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