Excerpt About Harmony

Harmony in the Flow of the Logos

We perceive the various objects and phenomena flowing together in a manner where there is no contradiction, no opposition, no collision, no competition, no jostling, no confusion, no interference, and no enmity. All the forms and phenomena of manifest reality—in all of its physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions—flow together with total and perfect harmony. At the same time, it is clear to us that the whole flow is not only harmonious but completely intelligent in an organic and synergistic fashion, where the harmony owes not only to the absence of discord, but also to the exquisite intelligence implicit in the details and specifics of the unfoldment. Everything interweaves with everything else in total intelligence and harmony, as if it is the work of a master designer. It is like the perfect symphony, the most complete cooperation, and the most total coexistence. The inner sense is of an intimacy and peace, a settled and contented heart, a relaxed and settled presence. The fullness possesses beauty and harmony, and a texture of blissful sweetness. The blissful sweetness may be that of a rich and richly textured love, that of the nectar of fulfillment, or that of the flowing delicate honey of surrendered contentment. This is the effect of the dimension of love as it fills the field of the logos, giving us the impression that the universe is unfolding as the action of the love of Being. The logos is felt then as the heart of god, and we are all its inhabitants.

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