Excerpt About Heart of God

The Logos Felt as the Heart of God

This is the effect of the dimension of love as it fills the field of the logos, giving us the impression that the universe is unfolding as the action of the love of Being. The logos is felt then as the heart of God, and we are all its inhabitants. At other times, the flow is more of universal revelation of knowledge. We feel and perceive knowledge arising everywhere: each form is a recognition, and each phenomenon an understanding. The flowing boundless presence is here transparent, but with an exquisite faceted sense to it, as if it is a flowing ocean of liquefied diamonds of various colors and hues. Such is the effect of the dimension of pure presence as it arises co-emergent with the logos. At other times the flow is totally empty and light, even though formed and sculpted with the forms of manifestation. It is radiant and clear, with a sense of total freshness and newness, with an indescribable beauty and ecstasy that shatters the thinking mind and leaves it awed and dazzled. Such is the effect of nonconceptual awareness as it intermingles with the flow of the logos.

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