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The All that is the Body and Heart of God

The state of poverty is not simply a lack, even though the soul cannot help but see it as such because we are looking through the veils of selfhood. Accepting our total poverty, and not asking for more, allows us to surrender whatever is left of our selfhood. This surrender reveals that the emptiness of poverty is simply the inscrutable darkness of the Divine Essence, which is obscured as lack because of subtle veils. Now, however, the emptiness of poverty reveals itself as the majestic and luminous darkness of the mystery of Being. The dark emptiness becomes a luminous night, the mystical midnight sun, the very essence of divinity, the divine darkness that is the source of all light. From this place all manifestation appears as the grace and fullness of Being, as the resplendent beauty of the face of God. We find ourselves in the kingdom of heaven. More exactly, we recognize that all and everything is the kingdom of heaven, now revealed to us by accepting our emptiness. We perceive tremendous fullness and plenitude, infinite riches and abundance, but none of it belongs to any individual soul. It is all the body and heart of God. By accepting our poverty we allow the essence of divinity into our hearts, and this reveals all of creation as the kingdom of heaven: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” We are blessed with this vision, with this realization, by going through the dark night of spirit and accepting without protest our inherent poverty. By accepting our poverty we give up our self-centeredness, our egoism. This is the condition for the arisingof true reality, reality as it is, reality not dependent on what our minds believe, not dependent on what we have learned, not dependent on our prejudices and histories. Reality, as it is, is one. Some people call this the experience of God.

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