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The Divided Heart

So we often end up in situations where our hearts are divided. And when the heart is divided, the process of inquiry is less effective. However, the more the heart is one in loving the truth, the more our unfoldment will be optimized. The understanding that we need to love the truth and make it our dominant love—even our only love—lies behind the need for discipline, behind the view of renunciation, behind the view of detachment. When it is said, “Renounce the world, leave the world,” what does that mean? The idea is not that the world is bad. The point is that if you love it to the extent that you don’t want to see the truth, then the world becomes a barrier to the truth. You feel that the truth will threaten that love for the world, so some of the time you will choose the things of the world over the truth. Most of the time, choosing the truth over everything else does not mean that you have to renounce the world. It only means that the world is your second choice. But this is very difficult because of our divided heart. The heart is not powerful enough, courageous enough, strong enough to go charging after the truth regardless of what happens. You feel that you’re going to be rejecting and ruthless if you do that. You’re always concerned about this, about that, about what’s going to happen tomorrow. what is this person going to think of me? What is going to happen to my mother? What is going to happen to my child, my wife, my husband? You continue in the condition of having a divided heart. As I said, though it is difficult, it is possible to arrive at a place where you love only the truth. This is not, however, required to activate the Guidance or to allow the unfoldment to happen. What is needed is only the pure, selfless love of the truth even if you have competing loves. But the Guidance can work most effectively when the love of truth outweighs our love for everything else.

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