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Pure Heart
Pure heart is what I also call the courageous heart. The courageous heart does not eliminate love when there is hatred and does not try to choose one thing above another. The pure heart is open to the presentations of Being regardless of what they are. It is happy to be with whatever God wills and asserts no position. The attitude of purity is the attitude of no assertion. You don't assert any truth. You don't assert any knowledge, any perspective, any position. You don't take a position; you don't have a position; you don't have a particular truth, opinion, belief, religion. You are absolutely poor. The attitude of purity is that you never close your mind and say that's it. You never close the door. You are open not because you are uncertain, but because it is not possible to assert this or that about reality in some absolute way. And also there is no need or urge to assert this or that view.

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