Excerpt About Hierarchy / Nonhierarchy

If We are with Experience Totally it can Lead Us to Everything

The fourth turning introduces a new nonhierarchical operating system while still recognizing the truth and usefulness of the hierarchical view. But these are not the only views available; the possibilities are endless. If we take seriously the nonhierarchical view, it means there is no comparison, no lower and higher, no beginning and end. Even realization does not have hierarchy—there is no lower or higher realization. Each realization is valid, complete, and a true manifestation of reality. And not only every realization but every experience is reality manifesting itself in the moment. This includes everything—not only all the qualities, all the ways in which true nature manifests itself as diamonds and pearls and oceans and vast skies and flowers and fields and rivers, but also actual mountains, oceans, and stars. And none of them is more important than another, none of them is higher than another; there is no low and there is no high. If we completely explore any manifestation—inner or outer—if we are with the experience totally, as happens in our primary practice of inquiry, it can lead us to everything.

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