Excerpt About Hierarchy / Nonhierarchy

If We Don’t go Along with the Momentum of Reality We Create all Kinds of Trouble for Ourselves

I want to acknowledge the paradox and the dilemma of a teaching that presupposes realization—in other words, that is truly relevant when realization is already the case—with the fact that most of us are uncertain, to say the least, about our realization. So how can this teaching be relevant for everybody? The words might not make sense, but you might learn something anyway. Those who are realized will learn further realization, and those of us for whom realization has not happened completely can learn other things that are relevant for where we are. What makes it possible for this teaching to speak to this entire range of experience is the nonhierarchical view, which allows us to be wherever we are without trying to change our condition to one that is higher or deeper or more realized. But there is a paradox here too. Although it is true that all conditions are reality, that does not relieve us of the responsibility of learning—of actualizing our potential and furthering our realization—because reality has its own momentum to go that way. If we don’t go along with it, we create all kinds of trouble for ourselves.

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