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Direct Perception of the Simultaneous Presence of all the Boundless Dimensions in all Manifest Forms

A further step toward integrating the dimensions is our direct perception of the simultaneous presence of all the boundless dimensions in all manifest forms, whether relative or essential. An essential aspect will arise as the integration of all dimensions of true nature in a faceted diamond presence. The integration is not complete yet, because the dimensions appear hierarchically stacked. Each aspect appears as a multilayered diamond, where the center layer is composed of the medium of the absolute, then the next layer of pure awareness, then pure presence, then divine love, and finally at the surface, the flowing essence of the logos. All the layers are of the color and quality of the particular essential aspect, except for the deepest layer, which is the sable black of the virtual dimension, beyond being and nonbeing. The surface layer is a flowing essential presence, essence not in the diamond form. So the presence is a faceted diamond while the surface is fluid and flowing. Flowing presence at the surface does not mean that the logos is the most superficial dimension. The logos cannot be included in the hierarchy of manifest dimensions because it is the principle of manifestation, which we can experience in any of these dimensions, and as the outflow from the absolute.

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