Excerpt About Hope

The Movement of Hope is Automatically a Rejection of the Now

To hope is to hope for something in the future that is not present in the now. This implies that the now is not completely accepted. It is judged as not good enough, if not actually bad. It indicates the absence of complete acceptance of one’s experience. Since Essence is Being, it is always in the now. So the movement of hope is automatically a rejection of the now, and a rejection of Being. Desire exists, on the other hand, because there is hope. If there is no hope at all then what is the point of desire? One can argue about original and natural desire that is independent of hope. It is debatable whether there is such a thing, but here we are discussing the desire that is normally experienced by ego. This desire indicates the presence of hope (for gratification). We see then that ego activity is primarily a cycle of rejection, hope and desire. This is not difficult to understand conceptually, but to actually see this cycle in operation, to actually feel the ego activity, and understand it directly, is an extremely subtle, and hence difficult task, For instance, the moment one says, “Okay, I will look and try to understand this,” one is now desiring this
understanding. One is thus identifying with the cycle of ego activity, which makes it difficult to look at it in an objective way. The experience of disidentification from ego activity simply occurs on its own in some situations, when one is being, and is not caught up in this cycle.

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